Fresh Faces: Sampson Ohringer, University of Chicago

Sampson Ohringer, Major Activities Board Chair
University of Chicago

What are you most looking forward to about your position? 
I’m most looking forward to increasing the scope of MAB.  I’d love to see the board working with local venues and acts more, writing and promoting content about new albums and artists, and expanding the types of events we host.

Which event are you most excited to coordinate this year?
This year, I’m most excited to plan our winter programming.  While in the past it has just been comedy, we are hoping to diversify it this year with music as well as comedy.  Additionally, it would be so exciting to take advantage of Chicago’s incredibly strong music scene for our winter talent.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?
I hope to gain an understanding of how to balance using the strengths and interests of the individual members of our board with the larger goal of putting on major events throughout the year and not losing sight of that.

What performer or comedian do you think will be hot on college campuses this Fall? Why?
I think Smino and Cardi B will both be big hits on college campuses this fall.  Smino’s style is laid back and cool but very welcoming.  Additionally, his past work with Chance the Rapper and Noname puts him in very good company.  Cardi B’s breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” is fun, exciting, and easy to sing along to.

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Melissa AronsonFresh Faces: Sampson Ohringer, University of Chicago