Music Predictions 2017

Which Artists your peers expecting to have a big 2017?

Keaton Schlatter, Grand View University
Student Activities Council President

Artist: Old Dominion

One artist I’m watching this year is Old Dominion. They had a few really great songs that hit the radio last year and personally I feel that all of the music on their album is very very good.

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Geoff Miller, Montana State University – Bozeman
Campus Entertainment Director

Artist: Gorillaz

Rumors are circulating that after a 6-year hiatus these guys will be releasing a long anticipated album in 2017. It will definitely be an experience to hear new material from this group as they haven’t released anything since I was in middle school. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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Sarah Boston, Ohio University
Live Entertainment Executive, University Program Council

Artist: Kid Cudi

An artist I am watching this Spring would be Kid Cudi. With the release of his new album I see some pretty great things coming out of him very soon. I would love to see more collaborations between him and some other musicians that are big in the industry right now.

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Kayleigh Ruffolo, Illinois Wesleyan University
Director of Campus Activities Board

Comedian: Adam Devine

I will be watching Adam Devine this Spring because I love Workaholics and the last season will be coming out!!! Also, I’ve heard rumors of a Pitch Perfect 3 which I would love to see!

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