NACA Central 2018 Preview

Maggie is off to Arlington!

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Don’t miss our Ed Session:

Real World Solutions to Out of this World Issues. A Practical Guide to the Outrageous Challenges of Live Events.

Saturday, October 6 | 3:45 PM | Room M10 | Co-Presented with Dave Stevens, Concert Ideas

Planning and producing major events can be intimidating, and often filled with sleepless nights and fits of anxiety. This session addresses your biggest concerns about major events as well as present “horror stories from the road” from both the presenters and attendees. Using an open discussion based format, all participants will the opportunity to voice their concerns about major events and to learn from each other how to address these concerns. Any school that presents events has struggled at some point in the process. This session will show that these challenges are universal and ability to work through them is easier than it might seem.

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Melissa AronsonNACA Central 2018 Preview