We’re Presenting! View descriptions for our presentations for NACA LIVE 2022 in Kansas City below.

KANSAS CITY Presentation Schedule & Descriptions

From Org to Occupation
Mon, Feb 14 | 9AM – 9:45 AM | Room 2503B | Presented by Kaitlyn Carr

In this session, we will have an interactive discussion about the transferrable skillset that comes from being involved as a student leader. We will spend time discussing roles, goals and dissecting how various responsibilities within a student organization can reflect those in the workforce.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen
Mon, Feb 14 | 3:45PM – 4:30PM | Room 2205 | Presented by Maggie Gardner

Got a problem you can’t seem to crack? Or recently experienced a major programming success you’d like to share? Welcome to a creative brainstorming session! Learn what is working for your peers across the country. Which events are seeing the best attendance? What kind of collaborations have been successful? What is the most effective volunteer retention program? We facilitate, you lead.

Concert Management Track: Booking to Day of Show Tips and Trends
Mon, Feb 14 | 3:45PM – 4:30PM | Room 2208 | Presented by Melissa Boyle Aronson
[Co-Presented with Kristin Koch from William Peace University]

Whether you’re new to your program board or have done a show before, we walk you through the concert management process from booking to day of show. Come and learn about current trends and what artist are expecting from you to perform on your campus.

Dissecting Genres for the Culture on Your Campus
Tue, Feb 15 | 9AM – 9:45 AM | Room 2207 | Presented by Kaitlyn Carr

In this session, we will have an interactive discussion about the importance of being a conscious thinker in the role of a student advocate on your programming board, tasked with planning events for the student body such as concerts – encouraging more inclusive and justified decisions.

Concert Marketing 101
Tue, Feb 15 | 2:15PM – 3PM | Room 2206 | Presented by Maggie Gardner

Through discussion and real life examples we will examine the importance of a clear message, casting a wide net, and venues through which to reach students and let them know that the concert is for ALL students.

Talent Booking & Contracting Deadlines to Live By
Tue, Feb 15 | 3:05PM – 3:50PM | Room 2201 | Presented by Maggie Gardner

In this Ed Session we will discuss how to review and evaluate your current campus timelines and requirements so that you can determine deadlines that will save you the headache, and how to communicate those deadlines to talent.

Creating an Accessibility Plan & Checklist for Inclusive Events
Tue, Feb 15 | 3:05PM – 3:50PM | Room 2204 | Presented by Melissa Boyle Aronson
[Co-Presented with Dwayne Elliott from Vanderbilt University]

Join us for a discussion on how to create an accessibility plan and checklist to address the many different accessibility needs including sensory, visibility, mobility, physical, universal design, technology, transportation and emergency planning, plus creating staff and volunteer awareness and sensitivity.