NACA National 2019 Preview

Team Babco is all packed up and ready to go to Columbus for NACA 2019!Make sure you visit us in Booths 521-523 and check out our showcases:

How to Select the Best Artist for your School through Assessment & Research

Sun, Feb 17 | 10:10 AM | Room C160A
Co-Presented with Dwayne V. Elliott, Vanderbilt University

Every year, universities across the country hold concerts on their campus during the fall and spring semesters. The hardest task is choosing the right artist to fit their campus climate. With the plethora of artist and genres, programming boards are tasked with choosing the right show for their constituents. During this interactive and hands on session, participants will learn how to use assessment and research to bring the best artist on their campus. We will challenge you on how to organize the conversation as a board and how to utilize different measurement techniques to produce successful results.

HQ Concerts

Sun, Feb 17 | 10:10 AM | Room B231

HQ Trivia has been captivating audiences around the world since 2017. Live concerts have been captivating students across the NACA regions since the beginning of time. During this interactive Educational Session we will ask and answer relevant and challenging questions about all things concerts, comedy, and live events. Students will test their knowledge of event logistics and pop culture and walk away with a better understanding of concert. Students will learn from their peers as they explain the reasoning behind a correct answer.

What Could Go Wrong? Almost Anything.

Mon, Feb 18 | 9 AM | Room B231
Co-Presented with Andrea Ingle, UNCW

What could go wrong day of show? Well, almost anything. An artist can be late for sound check or even the show, volunteers may not show up, catering could be incorrect- an endless amount of outcomes. This session will teach you to expect the unexpected, and by being flexible and planning for any day of show issue, you can prepare to deal with anything that comes up day of. Our take away cheat sheet will outline common day of show issues and provide tips on how to handle these situations. Even the best-laid plans may change, and learning to be flexible as well as having knowledge of those situations is invaluable to the success of the concerts.

The Current State of College Students: Who is Gen Z?

Tues, Feb 19 | 9 AM | Room C161A
Co-Presented with Victoria Rice, Missouri State University

Today’s college student likely looks much different than what you were seeing on your campus five to ten years ago. Gen Z is different than Millennials and we see a seismic shift in what they want from their college experience. What motivates them? What characteristics define them? What effect is this new generation having on college programming? In session, we will delve into this new generation, the culture shift they are creating on and off campuses, and how the world around them is adapting to program to Gen Z. Participants will walk away with the knowledge to engage Gen Z students and the skills to connect with them.

You Are Capable of Hosting a Concert or Comedy Show on Your Campus: A Roundtable Discussion

Tues, Feb 19 | 9 AM | Room D180-181

Concerts aren’t “one size fits all,” but there is a format out there for everyone. This round table is hosted by a middle agent and consists of several program board advisors with varying budgets, stipulations, and venue capabilities. Join us for a conversation about how you can make concert and comedy shows work on your campus.

Melissa AronsonNACA National 2019 Preview