NACA Preview: Spokane 2021

See you soon Spokane!

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Concert Marketing 101
Friday, November 12 | 9:55 AM | Room 401C

Concerts are expensive. Many program boards need to justify the expense by reviewing the “cost per head” following the event. Second to picking the appropriate Artist for your campus, marketing is the most effective method to lower the “cost per head” and justify a large expense. Through discussion and real life examples we will examine the importance of a clear message, casting a wide net, and venues through which to reach students and let them know that the concert is for ALL students.

Talent Booking & Contracting Deadlines to Live By
Saturday, November 13 | 9:00 AM | Room 302B

Unable to announce or process payment until you have a fully executed contract? Tired of begging agencies to turn paperwork around? In this Ed Session we will discuss how to review and evaluate your current campus timelines and requirements so that you can determine deadlines that will save you the headache, and how to communicate those deadlines to talent.

Concert Management Track: Booking to Day of Show, Tips and Trends
Saturday, November 13 | 2:15 PM | Room 401C

Welcome to the Concert Management Track! Whether you’re new to your program board or have done a show before, we walk you through the concert management process from booking to day of show. Come and learn about current trends and what artist are expecting from you to perform on your campus.

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Kaitlyn CarrNACA Preview: Spokane 2021