NACA South 2018 Preview

Melissa and Maggie are heading to Atlanta!

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What Could Go Wrong Day of Show? Almost Anything. Flexibility and Planning on the Day of Show.
Friday, September 28 | 9 AM | Room Chancellor

What could go wrong day of show? Well, almost anything. An artist can be late for sound check or even the show, volunteers may not show up, catering could be incorrect- an endless amount of outcomes. This session will teach you to expect the unexpected, and by being flexible and planning for any day of show issue, you can prepare to deal with anything that comes up day of. Our take away cheat sheet will outline common day of show issues and provide tips on how to handle these situations. Even the best-laid plans may change, and learning to be flexible as well as having knowledge of those situations is invaluable to the success of the concerts.

CATS: (Concert) Checklist Actions Towards Success
Saturday, September 29 | 10 AM | Room Chancellor | Co-Presented with Gwen Dailey, UCF

Program Abstract: C.A.T.S.! Who doesn’t love cats? We love cats. We can’t survive without our cats. Everything that goes into organizing a concert requires cats. You ever have that feeling you are forgetting something, but can’t think what it is? There are so many details that go into planning a concert and any one of them could be overlooked. Did you research which Artists your campus wants to see by doing a student survey? Did you create a marketing plan? Wait! Did you implement your marketing plan? Is the Artist check ready day of show? Have you staffed every volunteer position? Did you check Artist flight status before the runner left for the airport? This session will show how to use C.A.T.S. (concert Checklist Actions Towards Success) and why it is the most important tool in concert event management. By using C.A.T.S to manage your concert event, you’ll never forget anything again.

Concert Workshop: Outdoor Music Festivals
Saturday, September 29 | 3:45 PM | Room Wilton

Big and small, college music festivals are growing in popularity on campuses. Creating one from the ground up can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t know where to start. This session takes you step by step through the process of how to build a music festival on your campus: from creating the event and site plans, to navigating the necessary campus departments/partners, booking the right artists, marketing, hospitality, security, ticketing and the day of show advance. Take a step in the right direction and join us to create the ultimate live music experience on your campus.

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Melissa AronsonNACA South 2018 Preview