NACA Conference Tips

Nervous about your upcoming NACA conference? Want to make the most of every day? Don’t stress, Team Babco is here with 10 tips to save the day.

  1. Come prepared. If you have your dates and budget, let Associates know so they can tailor options for you that fit what you need.
  2. Write it down! There is a lot going on, and so much to learn. Make sure you take notes! Bonus Tip: the NACA program book is a great place to note the vendors and acts you are most interested in.
  3. Network with other schools. They may have already overcome an issue you are currently facing on your campus or could be doing a successful program on their campus that you have never heard of!
  4. Delegate responsibilities. There are a ton of different ed sessions to attend and associates to meet in the marketplace. Maybe one or two members should be responsible for attending concert/live event ed sessions and meeting acts/agents in the marketplace while another is attending leadership sessions and looking for new promo items in the marketplace. Everyone can share notes later!
  5. Debrief with the rest of your group after NACA.  Share the most important things that each person learned at the conference.  Talk about the acts/programs that might be a good fit for your campus.
  6. Meet the associates. The booths at NACA can be a great networking experience for those who want to get into any related business.
  7. Visit every booth…you never know, there could be something in the Marketplace that you hadn’t thought of that is perfect for your campus!
  8. Take the candy from our booth – less for us to eat!
  9. Choose candy other than the peppermint patties in the Babco booth. Those are Todd’s favorites and he certainly enjoys them.
  10. Download the app. The app makes it easy to keep up with all of the events at NACA and even allows you to select which ones you would like to attend and keep them in a personalized schedule. You can set reminders to make sure you don’t miss anything! Just search “NACA” in your app store.

Most importantly: rest up, drink water, and have fun! We can’t wait to see you there.

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Melissa AronsonNACA Conference Tips