Senior Spotlight: Anissa Cruz | College of William & Mary

Program Board Position: Director of External Affairs

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies

Years on Program Board: 4

Favorite Program Board event: Tie between Dinner and a Movie and the Spring Concert

Favorite Program Board memory: One of my favorite memories was when I was the chair of the Films committee and we were running a trivia event that included DCOMs as a category. The song Breaking Free from HSM came on and we had to pause the event for an impromptu sing along. It was equally unexpected and hilarious.

Why did you decide to join your program board? I decided to join AMP because I knew I wanted to be a part of a group that was passionate, hardworking and fun regardless of the stress culture that is college life. I’m thankful I got to surround myself with smarter and more creative individuals than myself because it always made me want to improve as a member of our organization and eventually as a leader.

One piece of advice for incoming student leaders: Be Patient, Be Kind and above all else Delegate!

Post-Grad Plans: Assistant Editor at Freethink Media in DC

Which song reminds you of the past year? Why? Sucker By The Jonas Brothers: It is a bonafide bop and I feel it reflects new beginnings not only for themselves as a band but for all those who are graduating this year and starting a new chapter in their lives whether it’s going into the workforce or going to grad school. We grew up listening to them and now we are grown still listening to them.

Melissa AronsonSenior Spotlight: Anissa Cruz | College of William & Mary