Senior Spotlight: Mich Kratochvil | University of Central Florida

Program Board, Position: Campus Activities Board, Comedy Director

Degree: Business Administration

Years on Program Board: 4

Favorite Program Board Event: Spirit Splash! 20,000 students rushing into a pond to catch rubber ducks. The atmosphere is so electric and the school spirit is insane and perfectly caps off Homecoming at UCF.

Favorite Program Board memory: So so so many its hard to choose… Getting into a comedy battle with Chris Redd, but Whitney Cummings put me on her Instagram story so I feel she deserves to be up there, seeing the Chainsmokers and Daya perform on campus was all I ever needed in life, except for all the memories with the Boards and Advisors who have became very close friends makes it hard to not pick them BUT having Melissa call me her favorite might have to win it.

Why did you decide to join your program board? I came out of state to UCF from Maryland and knew absolutely nobody at UCF. Joining CAB was a way for me to meet new people, pass the time, and prevent homesickness!

One piece of advice for incoming student leaders: Take it all in and don’t forget to live in the moment of your event and ALWAYS look at the positives! Look at the small things going on at the event, students smiling, laughing, having a good time. All your hard preparation and work prepared for that and that is all because of the hard work that YOU put in!

Post-Grad Plans: Hopefully will be working in the Aerospace Defense industry!

Which song reminds you of the past year? Why? Here’s to Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne. By far the hardest question. This last year was a year of trying my best to avoid growing up and trying to make my college experience last as long as possible, but just because my college experience is ending doesn’t mean that everything I do and enjoy has to change.. so here’s to never growing up.

Melissa AronsonSenior Spotlight: Mich Kratochvil | University of Central Florida