Senior Spotlight: Taaj Davis | Kenyon College

Program Board, Position: Kenyon College Social Board, Concert Chair

Degree(s) graduating with: Bachelor’s in American Studies

Years on Program Board: 3

Favorite Program Board event: My favorite event was an organized trip to see Travis Scott in Columbus. That was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.

Favorite Program Board memory: My favorite memory on Social Board was seeing our co-presidents, Brooks McCoy and Carson Weisbord, dressed as Santa and an elf for our Winter Fest.

Why did you decide to join your program board? I joined Social Board because I love the way that events of any sort bring people together and this board was the best way for me to be consistently involved in event planning. While it is sometimes hard to pull off, a perfectly planned event is often one of the most rewarding feelings for me.

One piece of advice for incoming student leaders: The one piece of advice that I could give to incoming student leaders would be to lean into discomfort. A lot of times, a new environment or position can be intimidating and this might make it hard to takes risks and think outside of the box. Trust your gut, and express your ideas instead of doubting yourself.

Post-Grad Plans: I’m an incoming fellow at the Woodberry Forest School in Orange, VA, where I will be work on my Master’s while also teaching American History and coaching football.

Which song reminds you of the past year? Why?: Proud of U by EARTHGANG featuring Young Thug will always remind me of this year for two simple reasons; it is just such a beautiful song showing gratitude and it was iconic when that song played at our senior soiree.

Melissa AronsonSenior Spotlight: Taaj Davis | Kenyon College