Show Recap: Record Breaking Attendance at Senior Fling 2018

University of Delaware’s Senior Fling 2018 saw the largest turnout in the event’s history. Student Centers Programming Advisory Board’s VP of Major Events, Ilana Valins, provides some insight into the success of the concert.

Spring Fling | Friday, May 11, 2018 | Jesse McCartney

What was special about this show?

Senior Fling 2018 was so special because, although it is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of the seniors, people of all ages came out to show their support for the University of Delaware and have fun with their friends, which is what the event is all about.

Why do you think so many students attended?

Senior Fling 2018 had the biggest turn out of any Senior Fling that UD has ever had. We can definitely thank our amazing marketing team for this accomplishment with all of their unique promotions and grassroots advertising. It also can’t be ignored that when Jesse McCartney was announced as the headliner people went crazy.

How were the Artists chosen?

As an opener, we chose to have The Great DuBois, an incredible circus duo, instead of our usual musical performer. We have never seen people so interested and focused on the opener as they were this year so I think taking a risk on a unique performer definitely paid off.  We then chose Jesse McCartney because current college students would have grown up listing to his music. When we found out he was coming out with new works we knew it would be a perfect fit for Senior Fling. The process of picking the artists for our events is always so seamless when working with Todd from Babco Entertainment and having such an amazing and cohesive team here at UD.

What practices were used to promote this event? 

For this event, we saw ourselves using much more grassroots advertising than usual. As always, we had a giant banner outside of our Student Center and hung posters around campus, but I believe our most effective technique this year was word-of-mouth. Everyone on our team made sure to post on their personal social media about the event and word quickly spread around campus. We also played a game on our social media where we gave hints and people could guess the headliner before we announced, which created a huge buzz around campus.

What was your favorite moment from this event? 

My favorite moment as Senior Fling Committee Chair and Music Chair was definitely when Jesse McCartney began to sing his closing song, “Beautiful Soul.” Thousands of people around us started to sing along and it seemed like Senior Fling was bringing everyone together to enjoy this beautiful moment (pun intended.)  I will never forget how many people were brought joy through all of the hard work put into Senior Fling by so many amazing people on the Student Centers Programming Advisory Board.

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Melissa AronsonShow Recap: Record Breaking Attendance at Senior Fling 2018