Team Babco: Alyssa Eskow

Fun fact: Alyssa has never met a roller coaster she will not ride.

Years with Babco: 2
Favorite Genre(s) of Music: Pop, Rock, and Old School Hip Hop
Favorite Comedian(s): Carlos Mencia
Favorite TV Show(s): Brooklyn 99 & The Goldbergs
Favorite Phone App(s): Instagram (@alyssaeskow)
Favorite Babco memory:  Babco Retreat 2019 – It’s A Small World ride. Between finding grass for Maggie to touch and watching Melissa cringe it was the most fun I had on that ride.
Favorite part of your job: Working with two awesome women.

To vent about contracting headaches or discuss the best roller coasters: | 866.335.8777 ext 104

Maggie GardnerTeam Babco: Alyssa Eskow