Team Babco Gives Thanks


Robert Mueller.
Dunkin Coffee.
My Family.


My 2 kids.
Family in general.
That West Virginia, LSU, and The Saints are all doing well. Get to work Ravens!


My Home. And the incredible people working to put it back together.
Friends & Family. Their safety, selflessness, and ability to make me laugh.
Andy. For keeping me sane and being so dang cute.


My Family. I am thankful to have a wonderful husband, a beautiful, healthy baby girl and for a mother who is always by my side. Also for my cat babies.
My Job. I am thankful to have a great job that I love and to be able to work with an awesome group of people.
Naptime! This year I’m especially thankful for little naps throughout the day. They are what keeps me sane and from turning into a zombie for the next few months.

Melissa AronsonTeam Babco Gives Thanks