Team Babco: Maggie Gardner

Maggie went from student to team member over five years ago now.

Years with Babco: Five! Can you believe??
Favorite Genre(s) of Music: Rock/Pop
Favorite Comedian(s): Michael Che | Jimmy Fallon | Jaboukie Young-White | Matt Bellassai
Favorite TV Show(s): Breaking Bad | Fleabag | Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | The Office *These are in alphabetical order, please do not assume this is the order of preference.
Favorite Phone App(s): Instagram (@mag_e_gee)
Favorite Babco Memory: Melissa and Alyssa are VERY entertaining ladies so this is difficult. I think one of the top contenders is Melissa trying to show me close-up magic while we were in our booth at a NACA Mid America conference. The other happened just yesterday, when Alyssa called me “Mag” and immediately apologized. It’s okay Alys!
Favorite Part of Your Job: I am very thankful for the smart and creative students I work with on a daily basis. Collaborating with motivated students makes every day fun.

To chat with Maggie about booking, training intern Andy, or re-watching Breaking Bad before the movie comes out: | 866.335.8777 ext 103

Maggie GardnerTeam Babco: Maggie Gardner