Team Babco: Work/Life Balance

Spring is BUSY. How does Team Babco keep it together?


Life / Work Balance is a myth ☺, but in my dream world the secret to it is that there is 48 hours in a day for me to sleep, relax, hang with my babies Slacks and Bloomers, drink all the Dunkin hot decaf black I want and work.


I’m doing my best to create and maintain a morning/night routine that works for me, which helps me mentally prepare & unwind from the long work days. The important part is making it adaptable to the road, that’s when balance can be especially difficult to find.


Knowing when my workday is over and having a “line” between when my workday ends and my home life begins . There are times when I could keep working past my EOD but I have tell myself to stop and leave it for the morning. Having that line (even though sometimes it gets blurry) helps me separate my work from my personal life.

Melissa AronsonTeam Babco: Work/Life Balance