Traditions: UCF’s Pegasus Palooza

Event: Pegasus Palooza (Movie, Comedy, and Concert nights) | First week of classes in the Fall semester.
Average Attendance: 3,000

How has Pegasus Palooza changed and grown over the years?
The main thing that has changed is the scale and size, he events are always Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the first week.

Which Artists have performed at your tradition over the years?
Lil Jon, New Politics, DeRay Davis, Natasha Leggero (Melissa probably knows all of them)…

Three tips for creating a tradition on campus:
– Keep some consistency, it’s good to mix things up but to continue to grow a tradition there needs to be a solid foundation to keep consistent.
– Stay relevant to student interests, if it’s a tradition but there isn’t buy-in from students it won’t work.
– Have opportunities for students to be involved, or volunteer, during the event.

How do you market a tradition?
Make it fun and unique! Market ALL OVER campus.

How do you keep a tradition interesting?
Adapting to student needs or interests, allowing student input in the artists brought to campus.

Melissa AronsonTraditions: UCF’s Pegasus Palooza