Virtual Event Spotlight featuring CSUMB

CSUMB hosted a concert and Q&A with ECHOSMITH.

Program Board, Institution: Associated Students Programming Board, CSU Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

Event / Date: Thursday, Oct. 15

Artist: Echosmith

Description/Purpose: 45 min virtual performance via Zoom Webinar by Echosmith followed by a 15 min Q&A with the band. We had students submit video questions before the concert that we played during the Q&A section for the band to answer live. Homecoming virtual concert

Which platform was used to host the event? Zoom Webinar, using the VMIX software to increase the sound and video quality of the stream.

Which marketing techniques worked well for you? Email reminders of the event via our newsletter. A short video to promote the event where we played brief clips of the band’s music videos.

What would you say was the key to making this event a success? Great performance by Echosmith and good sound & video quality.

What will you do differently next time? Longer Q&A section to have more interaction with all of the members of the band.

What piece of advice do you have for someone preparing to host a similar event? Focus on great sound and video quality. Make sure the setup of the band looks professional and encourage the band to give shout outs to your school to make it more personal and thus special.

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Melissa AronsonVirtual Event Spotlight featuring CSUMB