Virtual Event Spotlight featuring Washington & Lee

Washington & Lee’s Contact Committee and General Activities Board hosted a moderated Q&A with SETH MEYERS.

Program Board, Institution: 

Washington & Lee University, Contact Committee and General Activities Board

Event / Date: 

Virtual Parents and Family Weekend, September 24, 7:00-8:00 pm


Seth Meyers


A W&L professor moderated the Q&A. Questions were prepared in advance and came from the students. This event was a fun way to safely bring our community together during this stressful time!

Which platform was used to host the event?

Zoom Webinar

Which marketing techniques worked well for you?

We mostly relied on Instagram graphics/hints, promotional posters, and email blasts. We also made a video including students and parents welcoming Meyers to W&L.

What would you say was the key to making this event a success?

Getting students and parents excited about the event through social media posts, email blasts, and word of mouth contributed. Mostly, I would say the event was a success because our moderator and Meyers had great chemistry and kept us all laughing. 

What will you do differently next time?

Perhaps make the meet and greet afterwards a little less formal

What piece of advice do you have for someone preparing to host a similar event?

Make sure your moderator is a good fit for the event and does their research on the artist. It makes the event run smoothly and the conversation so much more personable! 

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