Virtual Event Tips

Tips for planning a successful virtual experience:

Get Creative with the Format.

Writing workshops. Moderated Q&As. Cooking demos. Co-star interviews. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Personalize the Event.

See if you can send school merchandise or a banner to the performer ahead of time so that they can wear it or hang it behind them during your event.

Consider booking a Q&A Moderator.

A smaller comedian will know how to keep the energy up when moderating and has experience managing an audience.

Invest in a Green Screen.

Customize your background using a green screen. If you’re unable to spend the funds on an expensive set up right now, google “Affordable Green Screen Alternatives” – turns out sheets and poster board can work just as well.

Hard Wire your Internet.

If you’re presenting or performing, hard wire your internet with an Ethernet chord. This is more dependable than WiFi and can result in a better quality video stream. No one wants to fall victim to technical difficulties due to an unstable internet connection.

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