Welcome Back & Fall Programming: 2022

It’s event season!
Re-introducing you to the team, and prepping you for Welcome Back and Fall Programming for the upcoming semester.

Fall is the season for lots of major events on campus and we are prepared to help you plan for them all! Below we have listed some events you may need to start thinking about as well as our Who’s Hot resource page that gives some ideas of what acts in all genres are currently hot in the college market.

  • Convocation Speaker – Are you looking to bring some inspiration to the incoming classes?
  • Welcome Back Comedy Show – Are you looking to kick the student experience off with some uplifting fun? Comedy is a great way to start off Fall programming for new and returning students.
  • Fall Concert – Are you looking to start the semester off with a bang?
  • Homecoming Concert – Are you looking to freshen up the year? Welcome back some familiar faces and re-enlighten the current student population with some Homecoming fun mid-semester.
  • Fall Traditions – Does your campus have any traditions you could spice up with some programming? Concert, comedy or speaker all fit here.

Check out our WHO’s HOT LIST here.


Melissa Boyle Aronson – “Working with students who are so engaged in the process of booking and producing events gives me an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be able to do what I do.”
: Old Dominion University
Favorite Music Genre: Pop
Favorite Snack: Mac & Cheese on top of a cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and a big fat onion ring on top.
Favorite Hobby: Telling her cat how cute she is until she gets bored and walks away.

Maggie Gardner – “I understand the time and care students put into each event – it’s my goal to make their experience engaging, fun, and educational.”
Education: University of Central Florida
Favorite Music Genre: Indie/Alternative
Favorite Snack: Chips & Salsa
Favorite Hobby: Gardening

Kaitlyn Carr – “The student experience is the most important factor to me, because I know how much it meant when I was in those shoes whether I was in the audience or behind the scenes. It’s my goal to help students feel confident in their event.”
Education: East Carolina University
Favorite Music Genre: R&B
Favorite Snack: French-fries and a slushy
Favorite Hobby: Practicing Photography, Organizing, binge-watching TV.

Kaitlyn CarrWelcome Back & Fall Programming: 2022