Where Are They Now: Marisa Pashby

Administrative Assistant, Acumen, LLC / The SPHERE Institute
San Bruno, CA

What was your position on your program board? Senior Music Director

How did your position help prepare you for your career? Working on the Activities Programming Board taught me the importance of teamwork and the value of quick problem-solving and staying organized. But most importantly, being Senior Music Director helped me to realize that I want to continue planning events throughout my career.

What has been your biggest accomplishment or proudest achievement so far? I was given the opportunity to restructure the process for event and meeting planning at my current company by creating and submitting a proposal for an events committee. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from my time on the programming board to create new events for our employees, as well as increase attendance and improve the planning process for our reoccurring events and meetings.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with college students currently working on their program board? Enjoy every single moment of the process! Take the time to share the memories, good and bad, with your team and recognize your role in creating something special for your campus 🙂

Favorite Spotify playlist? New Music Friday ! I love being introduced to new artists and songs every week.

Melissa AronsonWhere Are They Now: Marisa Pashby