Where Are They Now: Yara Azar

Booking Assistant, Live Nation
Washington, DC

What was your position on your program board?
Director of Center Stage (aka large-scale concerts)

How did your position help prepare you for your career?
Working on the program board gave me opportunity to apply what I was learning in my music industry classes to the test and experience it all firsthand. Everything I was exposed to in UPB, from artist research and avails to budgeting and ticket sales, comes up on a daily basis here at Live Nation. It was as if I was partaking in a test run of the real world. Not to mention the fact that it looked amazing on my resume.

What has been your biggest accomplishment or proudest achievement so far in your professional career?
I think my proudest moment here was the first show I settled on my own (Michael Carbonaro at MGM). Settlements can be very tricky and sometimes dealing with money scares me but that was just the first of many! Now I do weekly settlements at MGM and MECU Pavilion and get to work with some really awesome tour managers.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with college students currently working on their program board?
Ask as many questions as you can about what interests you. If you think you’d want to work at an agency post-grad, ask to look at the artist contracts and familiarize yourself with the language and the terms. If booking excites you, ask about show expenses and see how those compare to ticket sales and the artist deal. I think being curious and eager to help is the best thing you can do because once you step up, your entire experience on the program board will change.

Favorite Spotify playlist.
My own! I make a new playlist every month with artists I find and new releases, then I listen to it on loop for the entire month.

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