Women’s HERstory Month by Babco: Advisor Advice by Carly Livingston

Carly Livingston

Carly Livingston from Kenyon College (Assistant Director, Student Engagement) shares Advisor Advice for Women’s HERstory Month 2024.

Carly’s favorite female artist, of any medium, and why: 

Brené Brown serves as a source of inspiration for me due to her embrace of human vulnerability. Through her work, she fosters environments and dialogues that encourage leadership characterized by resilience, development, optimism, and bravery, all while exemplifying authenticity and kindness. These are qualities I aspire to embody both personally and in my professional endeavors.

Carly’s advice to share with students and peers that are seeking to be in leadership positions on their campus.

I believe in embracing your true self and continuously seeking knowledge through inquiry. There’s immense strength in fostering an environment of curiosity and inclusion by asking questions. I now recognize its value and strive to inspire others to embrace it as well.


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