Work From Home: Tips & Tricks

Team Babco knows a little bit about working from home, here are our tips and tricks:1. Get up, get dressed.

Keep your normal morning routine and dress for work. This will help you get in the right mindset to focus and be productive. 

2. Create a designated work space.

Have a designated work/office space. It helps you separate “work” from “life” which will be beneficial when you are trying to focus AND relax.

3. Take lunch away from your desk.

It’s important to physically get away from your desk. Walk to the kitchen and make lunch, and eat away from your work space.

4. Host video meetings.

Human connection matters, especially in times like these. Host video meetings when you can so that you can keep the human element in what you do.

5. Turn it off and “go home.”

When the day ends, walk away. Rest.

Melissa AronsonWork From Home: Tips & Tricks