Working From Home: Parent Edition

Parent to parent, here is my complete list of tips on working from home with your little ones.

  • Take a deep breath, it will be ok.
  • Develop a schedule that works for you and the kids.
  • There will be a mess don’t stress, you can clean it up after work.
  • Take a couple of 5 minutes breaks throughout the day and play with your kids.
  • Refrain from beating up any construction or landscape workers who decide to work during nap time.
  • Keep a few toys in office area for the times they want to help you work.
  • Plan your kids nap/quiet time to your advantage (i.e. schedule your meetings or your break time during it).
  • There is nothing wrong with some screen time, it can be the difference between having screams or silence during a conference call.
  • Watch out for your pets, as they may require protection from bored minds.
  • If you are WFH with your partner, split the child caring duties between the two of you so on person is not doing it all.
  • When work stresses you out, don’t take your frustrations out on the kids. Take a moment to step away and collect yourself.
  • Don’t be so focused at work that you ignore what is happening around you.
  • Beware of the times when it is too quiet, that’s when they are normally up to no good.
  • Make sure your office area is a safe space for everyone. Wires should be out of reach and anything that ca topple over should be secure.
  • Try to plan some outside time to get rid of any pent up energy (i.e. a short walk around the block or tossing the ball).
  • Don’t forget about your own well-being! Schedule some alone time or time to connect with your friends/family for support.
  • Communication is key especially with the older kids. Talk to them about what is going on and help them understand why you are working from home.
  • Listen to you kids. It can be easy to zone out their constant questions while working but make sure they know they are being heard.
Melissa AronsonWorking From Home: Parent Edition