Advisor Advice: Ahjah Green

Ahjah Green from University of Houston shares Advisor Advice for Fall 2023.

Ahjah’s perspective on the most rewarding versus most challenging task(s) faced throughout the year:
The most rewarding challenge is watching students plan an event to executing it, and see how they grow throughout the process. The most challenging task is dealing with changes and learning to be flexible and adpat in the moment. As event planners we have a strong sense of how we would like things to go, but it’s important to flexible.

Ahjah’s Advice for navigating challenges as a new professional.
What helps me navigate challenges, is finding my community at work. Finding a community that understands you, pours into you, validates you, and challenges you is NEEDED in higher education. I encourage you to find your tribe.


Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Advice: Ahjah Green