Advisor Advice: Jordyn Williams

Jordyn Williams from NC State University shares Advisor Advice for Fall 2023.

Jordyn’s Advice for navigating challenges as a new professional:
Asking questions has been essential in navigating challenges throughout this year. Historical context has been huge in learning how things have traditionally been done in the past, what’s worked, what hasn’t and why, how decisions have come to be made, etc. I never want to move forward with assumption, and if I have questions that will better help me understand the full picture or the processes in place, I don’t hesitate to ask them.

Jordyn’s one piece of Advice for practicing boundaries for work-life balance:
I really try to utilize my comp time and honor my time off. If I stay late for a program or work on a weekend, I flex those hours the next day or in the following days and when I’m flexing that time, I try to stay away from my email or work-related things. I also hold a firm boundary of not responding to students over the weekend unless there’s an urgent need for a response. There have been times when my students will text me on a Saturday or Sunday to ask a question about a program, but I typically will wait until Monday morning to provide a response because it helps me protect myself from overconsumption of work. I’ve had to really grow in this area over the last year and do better about leaving work on campus, so I often will use my drive home as a moment to decompress and when I get home or to my next destination, it’s time to focus on me.

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Advice: Jordyn Williams