Advisor Advice: Madeline Filling

Madeline Filling  from UNC Wilmington shares Advisor Advice for Fall 2023.

Madeline’s Advice for navigating challenges as a new professional:
I would not make it in this job or in this field without the advice of my colleagues and the professionals who have come before me. There have been many times throughout my first year here at UNCW that I turned to my team to ask for their input, feedback, advice, etc. because I knew they would be honest and support me on my journey of learning how to program at our institution. In addition to my wonderful colleagues, my students really do keep me going. Their constant belief in me and my advising pushes me through any challenge. Leaning into the love and support from those around me has seen me through all the challenges I have faced in my first year; and I know that I am a better professional because of them.

Madeline’s one piece of Advice for practicing boundaries for work-life balance:
I say this to my students often – “You all are students too!”. Programming for your peers is often thankless work, so please find a moment to enjoy the program you’re putting on and be present as best you can. I can’t promise you you’ll remember every detail that went into planning your events, but I can promise you you’ll remember the memories you made with your fellow board members!

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Advice: Madeline Filling